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Pre-Natal Yoga

About Pre-Natal Yoga

Pre-Natal YogaHaving six children of her own, Sandra is committed to preparing students for a positive birthing experience through an active natural birth with the help of yoga. At the same time the reassurance of the benefit of modern obstetric help as a safety net when there are difficulties or complications. Underlying Sandra’s philosophy on active natural birth are the teachings of Janet Balaskas.

Preparing for childbirth and motherhood can be both an exciting and scary time. Expectant mothers are required to be physically fit and have the stamina and fortitude to proceed through the pain and exhaustion associated with labour.

So what can pregnant women do to prepare themselves in a safe way for one of life’s greatest challenges?

Pre-Natal Yoga may be the answer. Pre-Natal Yoga builds strength, endurance and teaches women to relax and work with the breath during labour. Emphasis is placed on improving strength and flexibility of the pelvic floor muscles whilst the class offers women a forum to meet other women preparing for birth. Students work with upper body strength and the hips are encouraged to open and become more flexible. Yoga calms the mind and encourages mindfulness.

However expectant mothers must be realistic about the exercises they undertake. As helpful as it is Pre-Natal Yoga does not guarantee women pain-free, speedy or natural births. It is important to inform your doctor before beginning Pre-Natal yoga.

Sandra Bolack has been conducting Pre-Natal Yoga classes for over 16 years. She is a Registered Nurse with a Degree and Masters Degree in Education and a qualified IYTA Yoga teacher. Sandra is also a member of the Australian College of Nursing.


“Attending Sandra Bolack’s Pre-Natal Yoga classes was the most beneficial thing I did before having my baby. The classes made me feel empowered with not only the knowledge of the physical yoga techniques to help me through the labour and delivery but also calming my mind for the incredible journey of pregnancy and ultimately the delivery of my precious child. My pregnancy, labour and delivery were an extremely positive experience as I used the techniques taught by Sandra every day, especially during the labour which I believe had a lot to do with me being able to have an active natural birth with no intervention necessary.”